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Иностранные языки Everyday English Speaking Course [Shayna McHugh] (2015)

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Команда форума
30 Дек 2017
Everyday English Speaking Course

Курс разговорного английского от Шейны Макхью.
Состоит из 45 уроков PDF+MP3

Learn useful everyday English in the context of conversations english-vocabulary-conversation-course

This course is a simple, fun, and effective way to learn new words and expressions – and improve your ability to speak in English.

Each lesson is based on conversations on a specific topic. Reading and listening to the dialogues will help you improve your understanding of spoken English.

The next part of the lesson explains and expands upon the vocabulary you heard in the conversations, teaching you new words and showing you how to use them.

There are lots of practice phrases which you can listen to and repeat to improve your English speaking. Quizzes will help you test yourself and remember the new vocabulary – and there are also opportunities for you to send speaking samples and get feedback from me – the teacher.

Learn English for Daily Life

In this course, you’ll learn how to speak English in the typical situations of daily life:

Talking on the phone
Going to restaurants & going shopping
Traveling: airport, hotel, & sightseeing
Talking about hobbies & entertainment
Learn Social English

You’ll also learn important phrases for social English, so that you can interact with other English speakers successfully and confidently.

Agreeing & disagreeing
Giving opinions & advice
Asking & interrupting politely
Expressing thoughts & feelings
Learn Practical English

We also cover some practical vocabulary for talking about:

Similarities & differences
Certainty & probability
Hypothetical situations
Interesting Topics in English

And finally, there are a few lessons on topics you don’t often find in textbooks:
ections & swearing
Discourse markers
Using vague language


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